Sewell, NJ, July 26th, 2012, JT Paintball.

JT Paintball is proud to announce the official launch of the JT SplatMaster line of products. Targeted at youth ages 9-12, JT SplatMaster is a collection of low impact products that shoots smaller caliber paintballs, called JT SplatMaster Ammo, 110-150 feet per second (depending on model).

The inspiration for JT SplatMaster sprang from the need to develop a low impact product for the younger demographic with a “t-ball” approach and focus on education and safety. Because of the substantial reduction in energy, or “ouch factor”, it allows younger players to begin to learn safe shooting and experience the “Splat” earlier. Combine the fact that JT SplatMaster will have Pro Paintball Players as spokesmen for the product and experience, the natural tie-in to .68 caliber is obvious and clear for new players.

Three (3) of the top fields in the country, Hollywood Sports Park, CPX Sports, and Boston Paintball, have been testing the product for months. Here is what a few of the Paintball Industry Leaders are saying:

  • “A large percentage of our players are very young and are always asking for a new type of paintball marker and game. With JT SplatMaster, we now have the perfect solution to offer our youth groups and birthday parties that need a cost-effective option that doesn’t sacrifice the fun factor.”
    • Giovanni D’Egidio, Managing Partner of Giant Sportz and Giant Paintball


  • “The JT SplatMaster is a much needed step forward for the paintball community. This exciting new line of products will open up a whole new paintball experience for our customers, providing them with a fantastic all-in-one action package.”
    • Dennis Bukowski, Founder of Giant Sportz and Giant Paintball


  • “We have been running JT SplatMaster youth experiences at CPX over the past few months and we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities this new platform offers Field Owners and customers alike.”
    • Paul Dagnino, VP of Sales & Marketing for CPX Sports
  • “Now with JT SplatMaster, you have a product that crosses industry lines, expands the demographic…changes the game. No longer does the younger brother or sister have to miss the birthday party. No longer does the timid/shy coworker sit on the sidelines as a spectator. JT SplatMaster has provided a new alternative that stays true to the core of what sets our sport apart from the rest…. “the Splat!”
    • Anthony Vitale, President of Boston Paintball

The launch involves three (3) distinct elements:

  1. By Fall, JT SplatMaster will be in over 3,000 Mass/Sporting Goods retail stores across the USA, debuting in over 2,000 WalMart stores the week of July 23rd.
  2. The week of August 13th, JT will launch SplatMaster in the traditional channel. Aimed at a new consumer base, JT SplatMaster is the perfect introductory product that will allow field owners and brick and mortar stores to extend their customer base.
  3. The JT SplatMaster Experience, a traveling interactive experience featuring a Mega Arena will debut at PSP Mid Atlantic. The JT SplatMaster Experience is expected to move across the country and be on display at the largest gatherings of kids the US has to offer.

In support of the JT SplatMaster Experience, as well as of the traditional field experience, JT has hired Rich Telford, Thomas Taylor, and Nick Cuba to serve as ambassadors, teachers, mentors and celebrities for these events. In addition to their role with JT SplatMaster, a very comprehensive program to introduce/transition JT SplatMaster players toward .68 caliber paintball has been conceived.

At the end of the day, the JT SplatMaster line has been created to provide a younger demographic, as well as those who don’t currently participate in paintball, a low impact option to “ease” into shooting sports. With the focus being on safety, skills and a fun experience, JT SplatMaster focuses on the “Splat” and the adrenalin and satisfaction that comes from the success of “marking” your target.

The JT SplatMaster Ammo has been specially crafted to ensure it:

1. Flies straight to the distances the product was designed for; marksman accuracy to 50’ and a 100’+ range

2. Breaks on impact

3. Cleans up easily with water

The key to the experience rests in the Splat. Pound for pound, JT SplatMaster Ammo is the best paintball on the market today. Anything less would reduce the experience and likely not give our industry the best opportunity to grow.

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