• system is one of the shortest, lightest 4500 psi High Pressure fibre wrapped paintball air systems on the market featuring a standard output of 800- 850psi.

    The regulator on this  air system comes equipped with the Guerrilla Air low profile burst disks, replaceable brass top flange, Lifetime PRO Fill Nipple and features a solid regulator body construction.

    The entire regulator is easily maintained with just two allen keys.

    Regulator Features:

    Increased Shot Count
    Only 0.75" from ASA to Bottle
    Weighs Only 3.5 oz.
    Virtually Instantaneous Recharge
    Completely Rebuildable
    Replaceable Brass Top Flange
    1800 psi low side Burst Disk
    7500 psi high side Burst Disk
    Lifetime Pro Fill Nipple

Tanques Aire HK Aerolite cualquier color 68cu 4500psi Fibra de Carbono Ultra liviano Válvula Standar (Bajo pedido)
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